planning appeal statistics

Planning appeal cases are dealt with in one of three ways: written representations, hearings, or inquiries. Ministerial performance measures include an expectation to reduce average decision times over time and make decision speeds more consistent. All decision times are measured from the day a valid appeal is received through to the day a decision is issued. This is the same approach as Local Planning Authorities. 

There were 1,614 appeal decisions in November 2023, which is more than the average of the last 12 months of 1,536 per month. 

Since June 2023 an average of 1,679 cases were received and 1,837 were decided on. This suggests that the backlog is being successfully worked through.. As at time of writing (Jan 2024) there are 13,854 cases open. 

Reducing caseload is critical to speeding up decisions and making decision times more consistent. The median decision time for all cases decided in November 2023 was 32 weeks. The average over the past 12 months was 31 weeks. 

Given the timescales involved it is always worth considering submitting an amended scheme if it is felt approval can be gained. Appeals are quite time hungry and the result is far from guaranteed.

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