solar panels and planning

The permitted development right of Class A  allows you to install, alter or replace solar panels on a residential property without planning permission. This can be a house, bungalow or indeed a block of flats. You are permitted to install it either on the property itself or within the curtilage.  The solar photovoltaic (pv) or better known as a solar panel must not protrude more than 20cm beyond the plane of the wall or roof slope. On flat roofs these can protrude by 60cm

This would apply to solar panel roof tiles as well as the larger solar panels.

This permitted development right allows homeowners the ability to take full advantage of solar panels without having to liaise with the local authority.

This scheme was extended in December 2023 to allow for solar panels on flat roofs to protrude by up to 0.6m above the highest part of the flat roof, excluding chimneys. 

Where solar panels are installed on a flat roof within Article 2(3) areas such as conservation and AONB, you will need to seek prior approval. 

It makes sense that such an approach has been adopted. Clearly a requirement to go through the planning process would impact the take up rate for photovoltaic panels and the drive towards solar energy must be one which should be encouraged.

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